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Our Story

We originally started Red Brick Pictures in 2006 to support non-profit organisations and help share important stories with the public. 

For well over a decade we have worked with the scientific community, brands and museums to create films that make difficult stories engrossing, compelling and easy to understand. 

Red Brick Pictures' Founders

Josh Newman

With a background in marketing and content strategy, philosophy, religion, teaching and of course film and digital, Josh loves to find new ideas - and compelling methods to explain them. With degrees from Oxford and California, and clients across the globe, he is used to engaging with stakeholders and audiences from a broad range of communities.

Amber Steele

Amber's experience at one of LA's leading design agencies combined with a PhD in medicine and research advisory work with the NIHR gives her a deep understanding of scientific innovations, and methods to communicate them as well as pathways to funding and commercialisation.

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